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A set of furniture for an employee's apartment.


Promotion: Buy 20 sets of premium furniture with mattresses and get 20 sets of hotel bedding for free and free transportation in 48 hours. If you need more sets, please contact us. tel. +49 17 643 490 767

There are many sets on the market with a simple and common design and appearance. But the world is changing, employee requirements are changing. That is why the standard of furniture for workers' apartments is constantly rising.

Starting, for example, with beds that must have three features: durability, comfort and design. From the point of view of the equipment buyer, price or price and solid construction have so far played the main role. Due to the increasing demands of apartment tenants, design and comfort also play an increasingly important role each year.

That is why MONTEURMOEBELKING.COM offers furniture sets that can be used as ready-made solutions for furnishing employees' apartments. A typical set consists of a bed with a frame, a comfortable mattress, a bedside table and a wardrobe.


Our Premium Line combines clear, timeless design with the quality features that are essential for furniture in tough workroom operations.

Longevity and resilience were the top priority during development. The entire design was created around these required product properties.

Everything starts with the use of high-quality materials. In the Premium Line we only use quality panels from the Swiss brand manufacturer Swiss Krono. The cabinet door hinges we use in this model represent the absolute top class in the area of furniture fittings.

Unlike almost all other manufacturers, we use panels with a thickness of 25 mm. 18mm is usual. And when it comes to veneer, we not only work with high-quality products, but also veneer all lower surfaces - which are not visible after installation.

Not only for the bed, but also for the wardrobe, we work with bolt-anchor connections that guarantee maximum stability and torsion resistance. This means that corner connections can only be separated if the material is completely destroyed. We also reinforce the wardrobe and bed with corner brackets. And as if that wasn't enough, the bed has a solid wooden slat frame construction and the cupboard has two rear-mounted stabilization plates.

The monteurzimmerKING Premium Line stands for permanent further development of an already very good product. No other furniture set available on the market is tested so realistically and intensively - by our franchise partners.

From version 6.0 onwards, we have reinforced the bed again with a central bar, which makes it almost impossible for the slats of the slatted frame included in the delivery to break. We also equip the cabinet with a combination lock, making it lockable and thus being the only market participant to fulfill every fitter's need for a little bit of privacy - even from a distance. Here too, our practical focus and our years of industry experience pay off. And that's why we work with a combination lock and a combination of numbers that can be changed at any time by the technician. But also with a system that gives you as a landlord access via a key-based master access, the possibility of opening and reassigning the code at any time.

You see - we have thought of everything.

We deliver nationwide within 48 hours with unloading assistance at no extra charge on your desired date, neatly packed in boxes like those you know from other furniture manufacturers. Of course, quality and service have their price.

But please also take into account that having to exchange a cheap furniture set doesn't just mean buying a new one. It is nothing less than the arrival, dismantling and disposal of the old furniture as well as the purchase, transport and assembly of the new furniture. If you really take into account all the costs for personnel, transport and organization - not to mention disrupted operational processes, buying cheap is the most expensive. Please take this into account when considering the price. Not to mention the material appearance on the customer side and the customer experience. With us, customers don't sleep in run-of-the-mill beds from a Swedish mass manufacturer. And with you?

All photos are for illustration purposes only, they may contain elements that are not included in the set.

The components of the set are listed in the specifications on the item card.

Due to different devices, the colors of the photos may not reflect the actual colors.

Promotion: Buy 20 sets of premium furniture with mattresses and get 20 sets of hotel bedding for free and free transportation in 48 hours. If you need more sets, please contact us. tel. +49 17 643 490 767