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Why moebelzimmerKING?

 Why moebelzimmerKING?

If you run workers' rooms, boarding houses, holiday apartments, budget hotels or refugee homes, you have had one problem: finding furniture that is prepared for special loads. So far there have only been three alternatives.
The cheap solution from the furniture discounter.
The priceless one from the carpenter, which also required personal initiative in the form of construction plans.
And the hotel outfitters. Like the carpenters, they are priceless, but also often optimized for design rather than for hard, long-term loads, for example with surfaces that are far too sensitive.

MonteurzimmerKING, the Monteurzimmer franchise system from Germany, also had this problem. It quickly became clear to monteurzimmerKING: the acquisition costs of a piece of furniture purchased from a furniture discounter, viewed over a depreciation period of 5 years, correspond to a maximum of a third of the actual total costs. And only the costs actually incurred after 5 years are the real costs relevant to a valid decision.

Because what is often overlooked are exactly these actual total costs.
Furniture discounters, for example, offer an offer comparable to the monteurzimmerKING furniture set, consisting of a bed with slatted frame, cupboard and bedside table, at around a third of the price of our set.
This is completely forgotten

 Working time for picking up from the discount store or the delivery costs upon delivery
 Working time for clearing from the curb to the place of use (for us, both freight/delivery and transport to the place of use in the respective room are included in the price)
 Disposal of packaging waste if desired/during assembly
 Durability: we expect it to last at least twice as long - while you have to replace the discounter furniture after just a few months / years, you can continue to use our furniture for a second period without restrictions.
 Dismantling the defective discount furniture, removing it and disposing of it for a fee during ongoing operations
 Working time for new purchases, delivery, transfer, assembly of the second discount furniture and disposal of the packaging material

Purchase price for the new, second purchase of the furniture. Complete coordination of the entire process during ongoing operations,
not to mention other aspects such as the poor material appearance of the discount furniture.
So if you look at the actual total costs after 5 years, the discounter solution is by far the worst solution.

monteurMoebelKING offers a solution to this problem with the Premium Line Set. The entire furniture design was conceived for the tough
everyday life of a mechanic. Every detail is aligned with this. Over an almost 2-year testing and development period in collaboration with monteurzimmerKING Franchise, individual components and their arrangement have been optimized again and again. The result is a furniture set developed for exactly this area of use, tested in tough day-to-day business and validated with several 100,000 vernight stays of experience.

In addition to the unique price/performance ratio, we also offer our customers a unique service:
 Free delivery within 3 working days for orders of 20 or more sets (smaller quantities for a prorated delivery fee)
 Delivery to the place of use - including unloading assistance or even independent delivery of each individual set to the respective place of use
 Assembly and disposal of packaging material possible for an additional charge
 Even larger quantities are available quickly thanks to extensive warehousing
 If desired, individual configurations can also be implemented for smaller quantities for an additional charge
 One contact person - everything from a single source: we also supply high-quality mattresses and bed linen
 If you have a valid VAT ID, we can deliver VAT-free via our central warehouse directly from Poland - and protect your liquidity.

- from professionals for professionals, we know what is important